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Here is what our customers are saying about us

We brought our car here a couple of weeks ago and can't be happier with how they treated us.  Connie and Tim went out of their way to explain what needed to be done.  They finished the job when they said they would and the price was exactly what they quoted. I would recommend bringing your car here if you need any transmission work or auto repair.


Sarah S.

Columbus, Ohio



Our Subaru was making noises in the drive line, and an AMMCO dealer charged us $40 to tell us that the car needed a $2,000 transmission rebuild. Gene at AZ Transmission tested our car for about 1/2 hour and told us we needed tires.  He said that all AWD cars need equal size tires and wheels.  We thought ours were the same size, but they had worn unevenly.  They told us that it would be very unusual for a Subaru with 75,000 miles, even one as old as our 1998 model, to need transmission work.  He refused to take any payment for his testing.  Now that is unusual, and very refreshing.  We now have new tires and a like new car.  Thanks Gene.  Live Long and Prosper!



Dennis B.

Upper Arlington, Ohio